Who is Sharon?

Sharon Boer is the Young Adult Volunteer for 2017-18 at the Disaster Assistance Center with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. Sharon grew up on a hobby farm in Oskaloosa, Iowa. She graduated from the University of Dubuque in December 2016 with a BA in Communication.

After attending General Assembly 222 as a Young Adult Advisory Delegate in 2016, Sharon felt called to apply and take part in a mutual discernment process with the Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) program. With a strong interest in Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness, the site in Little Rock seemed to be calling out for Sharon.

Sharon plans to pursue a career in emergency management following her year in Little Rock, Arkansas. In the meantime, she is thrilled to learn about the work of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and her role within its mission. Sharon has committed to simple living and will be living in intentional Christian community with two other YAVs. Thank you for your prayers and support throughout the coming year!

What does it mean to be a YAV?

As found on the website link below: The Young Adult Volunteer program is a faith-based year of service for young people, ages 19-30, in 22 sites around the world and in the United States. YAVs accompany local agencies working to address root causes of poverty and reconciliation while exploring the meaning and motivation of their faith in intentional community with peers and mentors.

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What do all of the acronyms mean?

PC (USA): Presbyterian Church (United States of America). Learn more here.

PDA: Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. Learn more here.

DAC: Disaster Assistance Center. Learn more here.

YAV: Young Adult Volunteer. Learn more here.